Effect of carbamide peroxide and neutral fluoride on enamel surface

Roberta Azambuja Tagliari, Eduardo Galia Reston, Alcebíades Nunes Barbosa, Ricardo Prates Macedo


This study evaluated the effect of a 10% carbamide peroxide gel on enamel surface and the remineralizing capacity of neutral fluoride applied either during or after bleaching treatment. Sixteen fragments were obtained from four extracted human teeth (incisors and molars) and assigned to four groups. Group I served as the control and groups II, III and IV underwent daily 8-hour carbamide peroxide bleaching treatment for 2 weeks. Additionally, group III was treated with 2% neutral fluoride gel for 4 minutes/day, and group IV received one single application of fluoride gel at the end of the 2-week bleaching treatment. Specimens were examined under scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Micrograph analysis showed that the bleaching gel caused changes to the enamel surface and that the application of neutral fluoride gel during or after treatment did not completely reverse the changes caused by bleaching. Carbamide peroxide increased enamel porosity. Application of neutral fluoride gel during or after the treatment did not produce any significant decrease in enamel porosity. Total enamel recovery seems to be more strongly associated with the buffering properties of saliva than with the use of different fluoride application protocols.

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