Clinical evaluation of the supporting tissues of patients using prosthetic dentures, Faculty of Dentistry of Passo Fundo

Gisele Rovani, Flávia Piccinin, Mateus Ericson Flores, Ferdinando De Conto


This study aimed to analyze the clinical condition of supporting tissues under partial and full dentures, to determine the prevalence of diseases for each prosthesis type, and to evaluate qualitatively the behavior of these patients and the hygiene of dentures. To this end, we selected 308  patients  scheduled  for  screening  examination  at  the  Faculty  of  Dentistry,  UPF,  which  presented good general health. They were examined clinically and performed the inspection and palpation of intraoral and extra complemented by evaluation of panoramic radiography. It was concluded that most patients had some type of injury associated with the use of dentures, the females had a higher prevalence than males, and that poor hygiene and the use of old dentures are the main risk  factors  for  the  presence  of  mucosal  pathology  of  prosthetic  support.

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