Evaluation of the accuracy of image manipulation in the P3DentalTM software for guided implantodontic surgeries

Fernanda Zanata Spohr, Luis Eduardo Schneider, Kalinka Crivellaro Crusius Schneider, Ricardo Smidt, Alan Dal’Alba Pilger


Purpose: To collect and analyze data to determine the level of precision of the virtual values provided by P3DentalTM image manipulation software in comparison with real values measured using a digital pachymeter in polyurethane mandibles. Materials and methods: Five polyurethane mandibles were sectioned and drilled, providing a total of 120 samples for study, and then scanned with cone beam computed tomography. The images obtained were manipulated using the P3DentalTM software package and the resulting values were analyzed in comparison to the real values measured using a digital pachymeter with the aid of IBM® SPSS® database software. Results: Statistical analysis showed that there were significant differences (P = 0.01) between the virtual values measured using P3DentalTM software and the real values measured with the digital pachymeter, which had mean ± standard deviation of 8.15 ± 1.01mm and 7.89 ± 0.90mm respectively. Conclusions: In view of the statistically significant differences observed, dental surgeons should be aware that the guided surgery technique must be employed with care right from the outset since small errors of use are cumulative, increasing the likelihood of distortion between the ideal (virtual) and final (real) positions of the implants.


cone beam computed tomography, Surgery, Computer-Assisted, Dental Implants.

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