Gardner’s syndrome suggested by radiographic findings

Thiago O. Gamba, Matheus Lima Oliveira, Isadora L. Flores, Solange M. Almeida, Francisco Haiter-Neto, Romero C. Bradley, Jaqueline O. L. Xavier, Sergio L. P. C. Lopes


Gardner’s syndrome (GS) is a hereditary disorder characterized by multiple osteomas, enostosis, epidermoid cysts, subcutaneous desmoid tumors and multiple gastrointestinal polyps. Given the variety of clinical manifestations, the triad of symptoms that better characterizes the GS is composed by polyps of the colon, multiple osteomas and tumors of soft tissue. The osteomas are most common in the frontal bone and mandible. A significant feature of GS is the progression to malignancy of the intestinal polyps in almost 100% of patients. Early detection of GS allows for an excellent prognosis and may be a lifesaving event. Thus, the aim of this case report was to describe the radiographic aspects of GS in the dentomaxillofacial region and to discuss with the current scientific literature.

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