Computed tomography imaging features of multicystic granular cell ameloblastoma: a case report

Gabriela Lopes de Rezende Barbosa, Matheus Lima Oliveira, Luís Antônio Nogueira dos Santos, Solange Maria de Almeida


Multicystic ameloblastoma is a clinical variant of ameloblastoma. It is often locally aggressive with significant impact on patient morbidity and mortality. Ameloblastoma is often asymptomatic and is usually detected as an incidental finding during routine dental examinations. It presents slow and persistent growth; in some cases a gradual expansion of the jaw producing facial asymmetry may be noticed . Although the occurrence is rare, ameloblastomas can exhibit malignant behavior and metastasize. Clinical evaluation includes careful review of the patient’s medical history and physical examination of the head and neck region. Radiographic imaging techniques are useful for locating the lesion, estimating its dimensions and assessing its effects on adjacent structures. Management of ameloblastoma is a challenge for all involved in the field of head and neck surgery. The aim of this paper was therefore to describe the tomographic features of a multicystic granular cell ameloblastoma in a 40-year-old white male patient.

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