Efeitos da toxicidade sistêmica produzida pelo flúor

Alessandra da Silva, Andreza Schinelli, Carolina Abascal, Márcia Kijner, Sabrina Moure, Paulo de Borba


This study sought to verify possible systemic changes caused by fluoride administered at different concentrations. The methodology used was optical microscopy analysis after the dissection of the following organs of rats: high intestine (duodenum), kidney and liver, the animals were selected and divided into four groups, three tests, which received fluoridated water in the different concentrations (0 , 7 ppm F, 1.2 ppm F and 2.0 ppm F), and 1 control receiving distilled water. The results obtained after the comparative evaluation of the study groups showed morphological changes in all the test groups, concluding that the fluoride administered at these concentrations could be toxic.


flúor; duodeno; rim; fígado; intoxicação por flúor


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