Eruption hematoma in deciduous and permanent dentition: Case reports

Henrique Castilhos Ruschel, Daniel Homem Braga, Simone Helena Ferreira, Alessandra Dutra da Silva


Eruption cyst is a soft tissue cyst resulting from a dilation of the follicular space around the crown of the erupting tooth, caused by the accumulation of fluid or blood. When the cystic cavity surrounding the crown of the tooth contains blood, the lesion is called an eruption hematoma. The objective of this study was to report two clinical cases of eruptive hematomas, asymptomatic, one related to deciduous dentition and the other to permanent dentition. The treatment of the cases was based on the follow-up, without the necessity of surgical intervention and the correct eruption of the teeth was observed.



Odontogenic cysts; eruption hematoma; dental eruption

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