A Simple Procedure for Oral Rehabilitation in a Complex Accident Injury: A Case Report

Luis Carlos da Fontoura Frasca, Ricardo Smidt, Aline Montagner, Elken Gomes Rivaldo


The use of a removable partial prosthesis is an effective treatment modality in the reconstruction of large maxillary defects, because it provides adequate support for the soft tissue and improves facial contours. Oral functions, such as speech and swallowing, also benefit from the use of removable partial prostheses. Osseointegrated implants are generally not indicated due to systemic factors, lack of bone anchorage, very long treatment times, and high costs. Therefore, the use of a removable partial prosthesis has been proposed as an alternative because of its relatively short treatment time, especially in patients undergoing successive bone- and soft tissue-grafting procedures. This report describes the use of an obturator prosthesis for the prosthetic rehabilitation of a maxillectomy patient with fractures due to a motorcycle accident.


Dental prosthesis, wounds and injuries, operative surgical procedures.

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