Impactation  of  first  permanent  molar  in  a  patient  with  cleft   lip and palate

Ana Paula Fernandes, Cleide Felício Carvalho Carrara, Vivan Agostino Biella Passos, Natalino Lourenço Neto, Thais Marchini Oliveira


The  paradental  cyst  is  an  odontogenic  inflammatory  cyst,  always  related  with  vital  molars, partially erupted, associated with pericoronaritis. Usually affects lower third molars, and more rarely can  occur  in  others  teeth,  causing  eruption  disturbances.  The  impactation  of  lower  first  permanent molars is rare and a few cases have been reported in the literature. The most frequent tooth that presents impactation is the lower third molar followed by the maxilar third molars. Its etiology may involve both local and systemic factors. This case report has the objective to present a case of  impactation  of  a  first  permanent  molar  caused  by  the  presence  of  a  paradental  cyst,  as  well  the treatment that was conducted.

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