Salivary and dental parameters of Down Syndrome subjects in a city of Rio Grande do Sul

Ana Paula Ensslin, Caroline de Oliveira Langlois, Karen Loureiro Weigert, Alexandre Emídio Ribeiro Silva, Fernando Souza Simioni


The present study analyzed the salivary parameters, such as ph, buffer capacity and salivary flow and also the DMF index of an institutionalized Down Syndrome (DS) group. The sample consisted of fifteen subjects from both sexes and variable ages, seven subjects with DS from APAE (Associação de Pais e Amigos dos Excepcionais) and AFAD (Associação Familiares e Amigos do Down), both from Cachoeira do Sul in Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil), and eight subjects without Down Syndrome from ULBRA in Cachoeira do Sul. In relation to the salivary parameters, the flow and the ph did not present alterations when compared to the control group. The buffer capacity was statistically less efficient in the saliva of the individuals with the Down syndrome. The DMF index of the individuals with the Down syndrome and of the individuals with no Down syndrome did not present differences.

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