Trigonometry vs. Trigonometric Integration

Enrique Mateus-Nieves


Background: Relating and applying trigonometric contents to solve problem situations involving trigonometric integration is not easy for university students. Objective: To recognise trigonometry as a mathematical tool with multiple applications in their professional context. Design: Exploratory, descriptive, analytical-interpretative. Setting and participants: University engineering students. Data collection and analysis: Two stages were programmed: preparation and formalisation. The classes were videotaped and transcribed into units of analysis in order to triangulate the information collected. Results: The importance of trigonometry as a mathematical tool that allows modelling different problem situations was highlighted. Conclusions: The development of mathematical competencies in young people was evidenced, manifested in the progress of advanced mathematical thinking skills, such as: abstracting, generalising, synthesising, defining, and demonstrating; manifested when facing different proposed situations where students understood that when using trigonometric integration, different trigonometric elements are also used, allowing for obtaining simpler expressions and facilitate integration.


Trigonometric integration, Advanced mathematical thinking, Trigonometry, Engineering students



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