Scientific Production on Early Chemistry Teacher Training Disclosed Through five Brazilian Journals (2012-2016)

Marcelo Franco Leão, Eniz Conceição Oliveira, José Claudio Del Pino


This study analyzed the scientific production on early chemistry teacher training as disclosed by Brazilian specialized science teaching journals during the period from 2012 to 2016. It is a descriptive, exploratory ascertainment from a mixed approach. From 927 articles consulted, 40 were selected. Besides the quantitative outlook of the published articles, the analysis considered the following aspects: author characterization (gender, geographic distribution, and institutional affiliation), subject/thematic, objective, methodology, individuals involved, and theoretical reference. The results revealed that the majority of articles are signed by 2 or 3 authors. The number of authors totalled 100, the majority are female, concentrated more around the Southeastern and Southern regions of the country, and the main institutional affiliation is from the University of São Paulo (USP). It was also found that the recurring subjects were teacher discourse, problem-solving methodology, guided reflection, and reading competences. The predominant approach for researching was qualitative and the most widely used data collection instrument was the questionnaire. As to the theoretical references, authors Roseli Schnetzler, Otávio Maldaner and Maurice Tardif stand out. The ascertainment allowed learning about research that have already been carried out on the subject and thus project future research with the intent of broadening knowledge of the area.


Science teaching, Chemistry teacher training, Brazilian Journals, Scientific production

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