A Proposal of Enriching Activities for Students with Indicative of High Skills/Giftedness in Mathematics

Michele Cristiane Diel Rambo, Solange Hassan Ahmad Ali Fernandes


The subject High Abilities/Giftedness has received little attention from the academic community in general and in Brazil. Thus, the potential and special educational needs of a significant part of the school population are ignored. In this work, we present some results of a research developed in a public institution of education in Brazil, aimed at high school students with high skills/gifted in Mathematics. The research, developed as part of a project that had a multi-professional team, had the purpose of elaborating, applying and evaluating an enrichment program to complement regular education through enriching activities and experiences. With theoretical support in Renzulli, it starts from the conception of giftedness according to Theory of the Three Rings and elaborates a program based on the Triadic Model of Enrichment to attend to the public of students. The elaborate enrichment program, entitled Kaleidoscopes and Geometric Constructions, aimed to offer students a wide variety of educational experiences with different methodologies to develop specific skills and to work on mathematical concepts involved in the construction of kaleidoscopes. During the workshops developed in the enrichment program, it was possible to observe the involvement and the interest that the students demonstrated with the accomplishment of the tasks.


High skills/giftedness; Mathematics; Enrichment Program; High School

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.17648/acta.scientiae.4959


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