Correct-Incorrect Proportional Reasoning Strategies on the Proportional Problems and SOLO Taxonomy

Pradina Parameswari, Purwanto Purwanto, Sudirman Sudirman, Susiswo Susiswo


Background: Proportional reasoning strategies are needed in solving comparison problems. Previous study still being researched on proportional problems in general. Therefore, this study examines the correct-incorrect strategies in solving direct proportion and inverse proportion problems. Students’ responses were analyzed using the SOLO taxonomy framework. Objectives: This study aims to describe students' forms of proportional reasoning strategies when solving proportional problems and their SOLO taxonomy level. Design: A descriptive approach with a qualitative type. Setting and Participants: 103 students at10th grade who can communicate their answers clearly and fluently during interviews. Data collection and analysis: Data is collected through comparative problem tests and interviews. The data were analyzed based on the proportional reasoning strategy and the SOLO taxonomy level. Results: The correct strategy used is the proportional reasoning strategy for inverse proportion problem. Cross multiplication strategy and systematic strategy for direct proportion problem. The incorrect strategies include: non-proportional and cross multiplication (intuitive and additive) strategies. Students’ response levels based on the SOLO taxonomy: Students who can answer all the problems correctly are at the relational level, students who only partially answer correctly are at the pre-structural and relational levels, and students who cannot answer all the problems given are at the uni-structural level. Conclusions: The results of this study describe the forms of students' proportional reasoning strategies followed by the SOLO taxonomy level so that in the future, these results can be followed up by other researchers to be able to provide solutions related to the incorrect strategies used by students.

Keywords: Proportional Reasoning; Reasoning Strategy; Solo Taxonomy; Proportional Problem.

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