Where are the women in teacher training?: an overview from the Global South

Cibele Cheron, Cristine Koehler Zanella, Alexandre Anselmo Guilherme


Where are the Global South women in teacher education contexts? To answer the proposed question, this article questions the epistemic foundation that legitimizes male power over public spaces and ranks society on the subject/object dichotomy, personifying the subject in the European cultural/economic/political pattern and the object in the pattern colonized/acculturated/subaltern. We draw an overview of feminist struggles and feminisms in Latin America and approach an epistemological tool, world traveling, and its relationship with the technique of cultural translation, in order to suggest the Latin American feminist contribution to propose the valorization of other forms of knowledge and teacher education processes.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.29327/227811.24.59-7


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