Specialised Knowledge of the Mathematics Teacher to Teach through Modelling using ICTs

Ivan Andrés Padilla Escorcia, Jenny Patricia Acevedo Rincón, Miguel Angel Montes


Background: The study of the knowledge of the mathematics teacher has focused attention on differentiating mathematics preservice teachers from other types of professionals who know the area to establish specific characteristics that can identify the professional licensed for the teaching of mathematics. Objectives: To characterise the specialised knowledge of the teacher who incorporates information and communication technologies (ICT) in the teaching of mathematics using modelling. Design: Qualitative research based on an instrumental case study. Setting and participants: The study is carried out in a secondary basic education course, with a teacher with training and experience in teaching mathematics with technological resources. Data collection and analysis: The analyses focused on three subdomains of the mathematics teacher’s specialized knowledge model, namely: knowledge of the topics, knowledge of mathematical practices, and mathematical knowledge for teaching, by adapting indicators to the categories of knowledge of these subdomains, integrated with aspects of modelling. Results: The relationships that arise between categories of the subdomains were found and are evidence of the need for the teacher who teaches mathematics to know the subject discipline in depth and to relate it to their didactic-pedagogical knowledge to develop mathematical modelling processes using the ICTs. Conclusions: The construction of knowledge indicators of the KoT, KMP, and MKT allowed us to understand and interpret the specialised knowledge of the teacher when teaching conics, particularly, the circumference, through mathematical modelling with the specialised GeoGebra software.


Modelling; Specialised knowledge; MTSK; Mathematics knowledge, Mathematics teaching

DOI: https://doi.org/10.17648/acta.scientiae.7363


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