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What are facts about Twitter

por Kimberley Upchurch (2020-02-29)

Twitter is a Social Site. In Twitter, you may only read news about companies or games you like. Twitter's logo is a Twitter Bird!

How do you make trivias on Twitter?
You can make trivias on twitter by searching some facts and then posting it on twitter :)

How many people have a Twitter in the world?
Just to give you some piece of twitter stats, on March 12, 2011there are 572,000 number of new Twitter accounts created. Attached is related link to Twitter Statistics and Facts for 2011.

What are facts about mouths?
Check our site - website and follow us on twitter - @humanbodyfacts

What are some of Mariah Careys facts?
there are a lot of Mariah Carey facts on twitter i think its called @mariahfacts and i think that nick cannon even follows it. it has many facts about Mariah and i like her even more because of it.

Is the Green Line a physical or cultural border?
The green line is a cultural boundary. Follow me on twitter (@_AlexKamara) for more geography fun facts.

What is Josh Hutcherson's boxer dog's name?
Nixon is his boxer dog and he also has one called disel ! follow my twitter @ohmyderpjen for jhutch facts !

What are some reasons celebs make fake twitter accounts?
Celebrities may make fake twitter accounts, but more often, fake accounts are made about a celebrity. This can be done by using celebrities' names (i.e., Barack Obama) or just about the celebrity (Chuck Norris facts).

What is a good website to get facts about Cody Simpson?
You can go on his Twitter: @codysimpson and you can also go on his website (check the link). You can also just search things up on the web.

What websites have ribbon seal facts about them?
Best site for anything seal related is website You can also find them on Facebook website And 벳이스트축구 if you are a Twitter user, follow @TheSealsOfNam

What is Demi Lovato's favorite cookie?
DemiLovato's favourite cookie is double chocolate with cream, whipped or runny. NadiyahSMunim on Twitter has filled this and if you follow her on Twitter then you will find out many other Demi Lovato facts. Her second favourite is the one she makes with her sister Madison De La Garza, normal cookies with smarties pressed into them after cooking. x

Can viruses be seen with the naked eye?
Viruses are too small to be seen by the naked eye Read website Follow us:@NetDoctor on Twitter|NetDoctorUK on Facebook

What is Twitter fiction?
Twitter fiction is fake twitter

Is Twitter a text message?
Twitter is actually just like a short message. You could tweet what's happening with you or what you are doing at that very moments or you could even tweet your feelings/emotions and anything what you feel to share....... in short.. you could even tweet thoughts, quotes and facts..... you could tweet news or what's happening with your friend :) - Jonah Pagare

Does minless behavior have Twitter?
yes they do have a twitter a twitter account.

What is a Twitter feed?
A twitter feed is something they use on twitter to keep track of what you've been doing on twitter

Where you will get Twitter IM Twitter Invitations and Twitter Groups?
There is no Twitter IM or Groups on the official website. You may receive invitations from friends who are already on Twitter via email.

What is the Twitter handle for 7sur7?
The twitter handle is @7sur7. This is according to a search on twitter. It is recommended that a user of twitter should double check this handle before using it on twitter.

What is aly and aj's Twitter?
there twitter is 78violet they dont have their own twitter

Is it Twitter or Twitter when used in print?
I believe it is "Twitter", with the capital "T"

Why is Twitter more popular?
Twitter is popular due to providing live search of current topics of twitters.You also get the Twitter IM,Twitter Group and Twitter Invitation at on plateform website

Who has a twitter?
A lot of people have a Twitter. Four out seven people in the world have a Twitter.

Do you have to have twitter to email people on Twitter?
To message people on Twitter, you must have an account.

How much does it cost to get Twitter?
Joining Twitter is free, using Twitter is free.

What is the policy of twitter to have an account?
To have a twitter you have to at least be 11 which states in the twitter policy.

Does jj have Twitter?
No he does not have Twitter.

Why do people say different ages for twitter?
Ok, this article will explain several things about twitter. What is Twitter? Twitter is a website that enables users to chat to each other and answer questions like 'what are you doing' using only 140 characters. It is a social networking site, however, it is very different to things such as Facebook. How old do I have to be to join Twitter? Twitter used to have an age limit of 13. However that has since...

What is Robert Pattinson's twitter?
He doesnt have an offical twitter, but rumor has it - His twitter is website

What is Aston Merrygold's twitter?
Aston Merrygold does not have his own twitter but ... JLS's Twitter Is @JLSOfficial

What is Taylor Launtners Twitter name?
Taylor Lautner's twitter name is TaylorLautner and he is on twitter

Is Twitter on the samsung impression?
You can access Twitter through Mobile Twitter or Mobile Internet.

Are you anonymous if you read someones Twitter page but are not a member on Twitter?
Yes. If you don't have a Twitter,

Does sachin tendulkar have Facebook?
no, but if you sign up for twitter he has twitter his twitter name is sachin_rt

Will FaceBook always be more popular then Twitter?
Face book Is not More Popular Then Twitter, Twitter Is, There is over 1 billion people using Twitter and Face book but Twitter is more popular period.

What are one direction's twitters?
Niall's Twitter account is @NiallOfficial, Harry's Twitter account is @Harry Styles, Zayn's Twitter is @zaynmalik, Liam's Twitter account is @Real_Liam_Payne, and Louis's Twitter account is @Louis_Tomlinson._

Did robert pattionson and Kristen stuart break up recently?
FYI they did go out and they r married even Kristen Stewart said on her twitter tht she is getting married and she loves rob. So u get ur facts strate

What are some random facts about Justin Bieber?
He had a Filipino friend named Jeips Tan .. Follow him @jeipstan .. or you can ask justin bieber @justinbieber.. He will also tell you that @jeipstan on twitter is his Filipino Friend...his middle name is drew .......... hhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiii

How can you Twitter on MySpace?
There is usually an application that allows you to twitter from or to myspace via twitter or Myspace. If you go to myspace and seasrch twitter in the applications or even go to the twitter site they should be able to let you link your account from there.

What is the meaning of twitter in Telugu?

Is Twitter a necessity?
Twitter is not a necessity.

How old to be on Twitter?
You have to be 13 to have a twitter

What is Simon Cowell's Twitter?
He does not have Twitter.

What is Cole Sprouse's Twitter?
He does not have Twitter.

Does beyonc'e have Twitter?
yes she has a twitter

Matt tuck has Twitter?
He does not have Twitter.

Is this twitter?
Haha NO this is obviously not twitter

Do you have to pay when your on Twitter?
No. Twitter is free

Who is the chairman of Twitter?
Jack Dorsey is Chariman of Twitter. Dorsey became Chairman of Twitter in 2008.

How do you compress a photo for Twitter?
You will have to use software outside of Twitter to do so before uploading to Twitter.

Is twitter on cellphones only?
No, twitter is not on cellphones only. Twitter was mainly developed as a website on the computer.

How do you find someone on your msn that's on your Twitter?
On Twitter, you can invite your msn contacts to join Twitter.

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