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What is Arabic for friend

por Krista Bone (2020-03-08)

sohib ~ friend sohabi ~ my friend

How do you write about my friend in Arabic?
about my friend : a'an sadeeqii ( in Arabic ). and it is written this way : عن صديقي

How so you translate 'friend' to Arabic?
Friend in Arabic is صديق I figured that out by going on Google, clicking more and then translate.

How do you say friend in Arabic?
There are a few ways how to say friend in arabic but it depends on your accent (so where you come from in the middle east) - rifig (male friend) -rifigti (female friend) -sadig (male friend) -sadigi (female friend)

What is the Arabic phonetic translation for 'my friend'?
friend = sadeeq my friend = sadeeqee

Do you missed me my friend in Arabic word?
Do you miss me my dear friend : you can say this sentence in one word --> eshta'atelliiii ( in Arabic ). and it is written this way : اشتقتلي

How do you spell best friends in Arabic?
My best friend = anta sadeeqi Al-afdal ( in Arabic ). and it written in Arabic this way : انت صديقي الأفضل

How do you say this is my friend in Arabic?
this is my friend Hatha huwa sadiqi (هذا هو صديقي)

What does Texas mean in Arabic?
Texas is a word with a Native American origin, meaning "friend". Texas has no meaning in Arabic.

What is Arabic for have a good one friend?
Have a good one friend-لديك صديق واحد جيد

What is the phrase 'hello friend' when translated from English to Arabic?
merhaba, sadiqi (to a male friend)

Is the quote friend of your enemy is your enemy an Arabic quote?
No. There is no such phrase as the "friend of your enemy is your enemy", likely because this is not necessarily true. For example, Saudi Arabia is an enemy to Israel (and vice versa), however, the strongest friend to both of them is the United States. Therefore, the friend of the enemy is a friend, not an enemy. (Usually though the friend of an enemy is likely your enemy too.) The phrase that does have...

How do you say farewell my friend in Arabic?
الوداع يا صديقي

What is the English phonetic transliteration for the word for 'friend' in Arabic?
"Sadeeq" or "rafeeq" both meaning friend. صديق or رفيق subsequently.

How do you say i m a friend in Arabic?
anaa sadeeq انا صديق

How do you say hallo my friend in Arabic?
marhaba sahbee or marhaba sadeeqee

How do you say i have a friend in arabic?
Translation: 3andi sadiq (عندي صديق)

How do you wish happy birthday in Arabic to your female friend?
sana halloua

How do you write friend in Arabic?
I only know the pronounciation, it's: sadiq

What is the Arabic word for best friend?
afdhal sadeeq افضل صديق

How do you say in Arabic...i respect you as a lifelong friend?
I respect you as a lifelong friend : ana bahtermak ka sadeeq dae'eem

Friend in Arabic?
ok ; sadik for boy sadika for girl صديقة صديق

How do you say hello this is my friend hello in Arabic?
Marhaba. hatha sadeeqee . Marhaba

What does khail mean?
Are you sure you don't mean Khalil? Which means friend in Arabic?

How do you say 'what is the problem my friend' in Arabic?
Arabic typically reverses the two parts of this, i.e. My friend, what is the problem. Translation as in Question: Ma al-mushkila, ya sadiqi? (ما المشكلة, يا صديقي؟) Translation in typical Arabic: Ya sadiqi, ma al-mushkila? (يا صديقي, ما المشكلة؟)

How do you say dance in Arabic?
I have made a music DC for a friend and wish to write Dance Music in Arabic English, COuld you help me with this please ? raqasa - dance

Is Khalil a Muslim name?
Yes, it is a Muslim Arabic name that mean friend in English.

How do YOU write thank you my friend in arabic?
To a Man: shukran sadiqi To a Woman: shukran sadiqati

What is the Arabic 'Shukran ia Habibi' in English?
Thank you my dear/friend.

How do you say friend male and female in Tunisian Arabic?
saahbee (male) saahibtee (female)

How do you say happy birthday in Arabic female to male friend?
Eid milad saeed

How do you say respect in Arabic?
ask my friend. shes arab. but i think it is ihtarimni which is respect me.

How do you say 'friend' in Arabic?
Friend : if you want to say that this girl is my friend you say : sadeekaty ,, written : صديقتي if you want to say that this boy is my friend you say : sadeke ,, written : صديقي Friends ( Plural ) : asdekae'ee ,, written as : أصدقائي

What is the Arabic meaning of the word Ibrahim?
The Arabic meaning of the word, "Ibrahim", is Father of Nations, and Friend of God. Ibrahim can also be spelled, Ebrahim, and is a common Muslim boys name.

How do say Best friends for ever in Arabic?
you can say" Sadiqi ilmuqarab" but that's the "fusha" classic Arabic. you can also say Aa'az azdiqa'i meaning my most dear friend.

What is the word 'friend' when translated from English to Arabic?
Friend = For males: sadeek /sədi:k/ صديق or saheb /sɑ:heb/ صاحب For females: sadeeka /sədi:ka/ صديقة or saheba /sɑ:həbə/ صاحبة

How do you say 'big friend' in Arabic?
Big friend if big means fat it is said as : sadeeqi al-sameen if big means my old friend : sadeeqi al-kabeer

What is the meaning of the name Khalil?
Khalil is a Arabic name meaning"friend". It means " lover " or " companion "

How do you say happy new year friend in Arabic?
American pronounciation. "Sha' moot!" Shamut

How do you say peace to you friend in Arabic?
To a man: assalamu allaykum sadiqi To a woman: assalamu allaykum sadiqati

How do you say hello friend to a female in Arabic?
Hala/Ahlan /Marhaba /Ahlan WA sahlan beeki

What is the meaning of the name Sadiq?
Sadiq is Arabic and means 'Friend'. Sadiq (aka Saddiq) means "Truth"

What is the proper way to wish luck to a female Arabic friend?
You can say to her : - Allah ywafe'ek .. - haaz sa'eed

Does anyone recognize this language Weni Bik my friend from Mauritania speaks it?
it is called hassinyia, a dialect of arabic

What does the name kadin mean?
In american origin it means fighter In arabic origin it means friend or companion.

What does the Arabic name Kamil mean?
It means perfect so my friend says as his name is kamil as well

What is the meaning of the name Khalilah?
Khalilah is a feminine form of the male name Khalil, an Arabic name meaning "friend".

How do you say good morning my friend in Arabic?
صباح الخير يا صديقي sa'hah al'khair ya sa'dee'gee

How to apologize to my saudi beloved in arabic because i asked his friend nmber He was getting really angry with me?
If you are going to write a letter of apology to your Arabic friend because you asked for his friend's number, then you can write أنا آسف. لم أكن أقصد أن تؤذي مشاعرك., which means, I am sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

How do you say your my best friend in Arabic?
You are my best friend : antaa sadeeqe al-mofaddal ,,,,,,,, written as : أنت صديقي المفضل or u can say that in the non-formal Arabic language which is easier and more familiar : entaa mn ahsaan ashaabi ( if u want to say it for a man ) for a female replace entaa by entee hope this helps :)

What does the name nedim mean?
Nedim is a male given name with Arabic roots meaning "intimate friend" or "drinking companion"

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