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How To Set Up An Effective Facebook Advertising Campaign In 2019

por Melba Breinl (2020-03-08)

Social media marketing is considered as the most effective method of marketing nowadays and in the list of all social networking platforms, Facebook stands tall. Earlier it was only used at the medium of interaction through texts, pictures, and videos but now it offers much more than that. The main reason behind Facebook getting acclaimed is because of its extraordinary advertising features. Facebook provides different ad campaigns to its users that clearly makes the life of entrepreneurs and marketers very easy. If you are new to this then have a look at the below-mentioned tips that will surely help you to make an effective Facebook advertising.

Select a Campaign that Meets your Goals
If you see the structure of a Facebook campaign, it comprises of 3 levels: campaign, an ad set and an ad. Remember, 나눔로또파워볼 the very first level, a campaign is the base of your advertisement. At the campaign level, you need to choose an objective that is the action which you want people to take after watching your ads. Basically, there are 3 types of objectives that you can select Consideration, Awareness, and conversion and make sure that your decision should be based on your strategies. For example, if your aim is to drive more sales then you can choose the objective conversion.

However, the best way to ascertain an objective is to move in the reverse order of your goal.

Build your target audience
Now as you already know that the second option in the Facebook advertising campaign structure is an ad set which states how your ad is going to run. Targeting is a very important part of Facebook campaign, it can enhance or degrade the performance of your ads even before it goes live. Let's check out some of the best ways you can use to determine your target audience.

Facebook provides different demographics for targeting audience and that includes age, location, gender, and language. You can choose the criteria according to the product or services you want to advertise. By doing this you can easily able to define your audience especially those who have not interacted with your business even once.

Interests and behavior
Facebook also offers detailed targeting facility in which you can narrow down your customers by adding multiple sets of behaviors, Interests and other categories. Suppose you want to advertise any women sports products then you can add sports, fitness etc in the interests section. In this way, you can target only those audiences that might be interested in your products.

Like these, there are so many other options and filters you can apply to your campaign according to your business needs.

Test your creativity
The last option in the ad structure is an ad that solely describes your creativity. The most important aspect of any kind of advertisement is its presentation and Facebook provides different types of ad formats which you can use to make it attractive. There are three factors on which the aesthetics of Facebook ads depends, campaign objective, ad format, and strategy. Generally, carousel ads are much more effective than any other formats of an ad. So, try to use most of your creative side while making facebook ads.

Hence, we hope that this article is helpful to you in terms of creating Facebook ads.

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