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What jobs can you get with cars

por Rosalina Abdul (2020-03-08)

car dealer, car salesman, car mechanic,car detailer, car wash,working on exotic cars

Where can one find cool paint jobs for cars?
One can find cool paint jobs for cars by going to the Cars Direct website. The website describes different levels of paint jobs and what can be done with those paint jobs.

How did purchasing new cars help create more jobs?
People build cars and that means jobs.

Jobs with cars?
There are several types of jobs that involve cars and driving. Some include delivery jobs, taxi drivers, and school bus drivers.

What are jobs involving cars?
There are several jobs involving cars including working as a car salesperson and being a race car driver. A person could also be a mechanic and work on fixing cars.

What type of jobs are there at the Humberside airport that involves cars?
The jobs at Humberside airport that involve cars are you can work in the car rental area or the parking cars area. The people in the car parking area direct places for you to park.

What jobs for women are with cars?
car wash ! :)

What jobs can a thirteen yr old get?
Answer babysitting? walk dogs? wash cars? jobs around the house?

What jobs do Brazilians have?
They work in factories making cars

What jobs are there for people who make cars?
maybe a factory.

How did cars changed where people lived and work?
people did not leave close to their jobs instead they went on their cars

What are all the jobs that kids can do?
They can't have a proper job but they can be paid to do jobs such as washing cars and house keeping at home.

What kind of jobs to Denmark people have?
cars, boat,shoes

How are markings graphics and paint jobs put on police cars?
They are usually decals.

What was heath ledgers jobs before acting?
He washed cars to earn money.

What jobs are there for 13 yr old girl during the summer?
washing cars is about it

Do you have any jobs for 14 year olds?
Washing windows or cars, landscape cleanup...

What jobs did men have to do if they did not go to war?
Anything that payed from working with cars to building planes.

How do you pimp cars on saints row 2?
Take them to a Rim Jobs, or a Semi Broken.

How are cars useful to us now?
Cars are useful as they take us from our homes to our jobs, to the store, to events we attend. In western society the car has become a necessity.

What are some examples of manufacturing jobs?
Manufacturing jobs are the jobs of people that create products from raw materials. These are people that work in factories making things such as textiles, cars, guns and pretty much anything else.

Where is your garage on Saints Row 3?
You have a garage at each of your cribs, and you can also get out your cars from a Rim Jobs.

What is the jobs that are in the core region of Canada?
Many are service jobs, lots of government service jobs, customer service jobs, legal, technical and just about every kind of service job that exists is in Canada. Manufacturing is a big one, particularly in Ontario. Cars and machinery jobs include everything from design, to assembly.

What part time jobs can a 13 year old do?
Baby-sitting, Giving newspaper, or washing cars

Why do teenagers get jobs?
mostly for the money, teens need money to pay for cars, clothes, movies etc.

What jobs did people have in the Plymouth Colony?
they had star wars jedis and clones and rocket ships and space cars

How is oil exploration good?
Its good because it creates jobs and we need oil to power cars, etc.

How do jobs affect development?
the jobs people do can be divided into different typesetters are primary, secondary and tertiary. Primary jobs : These are that take things out of the ground or sea. For example farming or fishing. Secondary jobs: These are jobs in factories turning things into finish products for example, a cars factory. Tertiary jobs:These are jobs that provide help to people, for example a Doctor,Police and shop worker.

What are some jobs involving cars?
Selling cars: sales, marketing cars, auctioning or posting cars online, transporting cars (tow) Fixing cars: mechanic, painting, detailing, auto body, washing cars Competitive: racing cars Driving: delivery service, taxi, bus, truck, anything involving driving cars for a living. Editorial: writing about cars, photography, paintings, etc. Collection: auctions, repo business Engineering: designing and making cars - many different aspects in this category.

Good jobs for an 12 year old?
Babysit Babysit i think theas jobs are perfict walking dogs washing cars helping on a locle farm asking a shop asking a pub

What jobs are in the favelas?
There are many jobs that people in the favelas do: - factory workers - polishing shoes - washing cars at traffic lights (and hoping to be paid!) - construction workers - bus drivers - restaurant workers

In the near future will there be anymore jobs for a mechanic?
There will always be a need for mechanics. Even if we go to battery powered cars or hover cars or planes in the future - somebody still has to maintain them and keep them going.

What are the jobs is there for an auto mechanic?
Changing oil. tires. just pretty much all things to deal with cars

What situations is an example of mass production?
A factory employs many workers doing different jobs to produce cars.

What are cool jobs for 11 year olds?
Washing cars, Walking and cleaning up after pets, mowing lawns.

What jobs are linked to photography?
photographer,comic strip maker, selling cars,selling houses and making magazines.

What jobs can a 14-years-old girl get?
wash peoples cars or walk someones dog

What were the jobs at dachau concentration camp?
making gold trinkets, boots, clothing, cleaning cars, or feeding horses

What are the main jobs in Japan? just guessing but anyway -Fishing -whaling -cars ya plz add to it

What would one day in India be like?
it would be likea normal day,however the cars are different also the jobs

Summer jobs for 13 yr olds in calumet city?
Mow lawns, Wash cars, Run errands for elders.

Why is automotive is important?
Because it keeps jobs and it also lets us drive cars. We can even invest in it and share their profits.

What kind of job can a 13 year old get in IL?
You can mow peoples lawns, wash windows, wash cars. Jobs that won't give you a pay check with taxes taken out. jobs that ONLY pay cash.

Can you work if you're 13 years old?
Certainly - but only odd jobs like mowing lawns, weeding, raking, shoveling snow - generally jobs around the neighborhood. You could also wash cars.

Who pays for the cars on cars SOS?
The commercial cost of the work is met by the TV company. None of the jobs has required less than 400 hours work, costing between £18,000 and £25,000 each case

On cars for GameCube what are ALL the cheats for GameCube?
All the cheats are to get unlimted boost the cheat is : VROOOOM The cheat to get all minigames is : MATTL66 THe cheat to get all cars is : YAYCARS The cheat to get all paint jobs is : R4MONE

Is there any racing iPod app that let's you customize cars?
Yes! The application is called, "Need for Speed Undercover" this game let's you buy cars, customize them with engine upgrades, 중고차매매사이트 paint jobs, hoods, etc.

What kind of car driving jobs are available?
Taxi cab, private hire driver, chauffeur, delivery of vehicles between locations for example hire cars that need returning to the compound, are all car driving jobs.

What kind of jobs are there in South Korea?
South Korea is a modern industrialized nation which manufactures cars, and has pretty much all the kinds of jobs that you could find in any other modern industrialized nation such as the United States.

What new jobs did the industrial revolution create?
It put lots of people in the manufacturing business such as clothes and cars. It also brought on much more building jobs such as blasting tunnels, building railroads, roads, factories (etc.)

What were popular jobs in the US in the 1920s?
The most popular job, and this is my opinion, that people who fixed and made cars had a good and popular job.

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