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How to Save a Decent Amount of Money? 12 Simple Tips

por Francine Lipsey (2020-03-12)

Are you satisfied with your standard of living and have everything that makes you think it matters? Do you know where the money goes, or you don't understand why you live with a salary, even if the salary seems to be decent? Feeling guilty for impulsive purchases or, on the contrary, constantly denying yourself little joys because of the neurotic fear of spending too much? Do you have a lot of loans or do you think that borrowing is taboo? What can make you happy emotions or things?

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The first crisis problem - if the flow of funds is not clear, and at the end of the month you have to borrow funds to payday. The cost of loan payments exceeds half of the income. If a credit card with a four-month salary is used for zero, and for many months you make only the obligatory payment on it, overpaying the bank heavily. If any of these things affect you, you must set your budget as soon as possible.

Another reason to attend to this issue is if in the near future your life changes, and you will need to "go on thin ice": you are planning to take or close the mortgage ahead of time; expect a baby; you want to save for the expansion of living space, paid education or a trip around the world. Here, as with a diet: you may have maintained a healthy weight all your life, not counting your calories, but if you wanted to perform in a fitness bikini, you will have to stick to a training and nutrition plan.

There are many people who are beginning to share their secrets, and we can distinguish between 12 ways to collect a good sum of up to 30 years.

1. Set goals for which you should save
From primitive goals very quickly give up and saving plunges into black longing. For example, the goal of "saving for a car" can be quite pretty, because you know that as long as the income is moderate, the short-term happiness of buying a car will soon be replaced by the long-term problems with expensive maintenance-insurance parking lots.

The goal of "opening up the business to increase revenue, buying cars and other delicious bread" is to mobilize a completely different level. This large-scale goal allows you to recognize your inner potential, which can inspire and motivate you from the inside. Focusing on income sources and financial freedom is always more meaningful than the existing happiness!

2. Train yourself to save gradually
Many people make big mistakes by facing unrealistic tasks or overestimating their restraint. Trying to accumulate the necessary amount too quickly, these people actually deny everything, but ultimately inevitably fail. Radical methods and self-tortures rarely work. After a few days of famine, the fans suddenly went on a diet and found themselves in the night near the empty pot. You don't even remember how they actually put it in the fridge.

The ability to rationalize your money is the same as riding a bicycle, it takes some time to master it. When you first ride a bike on the road, you do not demand from yourself a long tour. First, you must learn how to pedal and balance yourself. But after a while, you can turn safely and enjoy cycling.

In addition, with the ability to save money, you must learn to take the first neat step, gradually give up spontaneous purchases and move them to the first small amount. After analyzing the problem, you can choose the question that you think is necessary. However, you can also use it to increase your savings.

Gradualism and regularity are the best rules for saving. Over time, you will see opportunities for cumulative capital. Then, wise income distribution becomes part of your habits and the nature of a successful life.

3. Concentrate not on saving, but on your goal
It's cool to accumulate your business! Accumulating trading capital becomes a good trader - it's so cool! Creating investment funds for passive income is very cool! Such a goal will not cause despair! When it comes to controlling the cumulative cost of income and expenses and daily savings, unfortunately, sometimes even the most motivated people can become despondent.

When I was still at school, I realized that 45 minutes could be spent on one lesson. In an exciting lesson with interesting information and good workouts, they fly away. But a boring teacher or a gap in knowledge, when I clapped my ears, instead of being involved in the process, could have made these minutes endless.

So save money consciously fill this difficult time! Go to a wonderful destination where you don't need money. It may be collecting the necessary information, reading the necessary literature, attending free seminars and webinars, planning further actions and so on.

Distract yourself from defeatist thoughts - do business, and do not suffer because of temporary discomfort! The victim is suffering and you have consciously decided to improve your life. You should be proud of this bold decision, don't depreciate because you choke.

4. Live with your parents
More and more people in the world choose to live with their parents. This saves real money. If there is a problem with such accommodation, you can always find a roommate and share the rent of two people.

5. Automatic transfer a part of the salary to a personal account

Yes, you have to limit yourself in your daily life, but it will pay off in a few years. You only need to automatically transfer 5-10% of your salary to your personal account on the day your salary arrives.

6. Refuse to buy a car
You can go to work by public transport or by bicycle. Young people buy cars because it gives them solidity in the eyes of others. But it's not very smart when you don't have a financial airbag, so it's better to save money for buying a personal vehicle.

7. Do not buy branded clothes
In fact, most people admit that buying branded clothing is ridiculous when they pay all their wages. For what? Let yourself be flattered? It is now full of cheap and quality clothing. So why not save on buying expensive things?

8. Forget about the phrase "I can afford it!"
Even if you have the money to buy expensive things, consider whether you really need it. Most of the time, purchases are made under the influence of short-term impulses, and then comes the frustration of not being able to save money.

9. Buy real estate
Even properties purchased through mortgages can pay off quickly. This is really a very good investment. If you don't live there, you can rent an apartment at any time.

10. Change profession or place of employment
When you are young, you need to get rid of the fear of instability and try different areas where the main job does not bring joy and no money. Who knows what talents and financial opportunities this courage will give you?

11. Learn to cook
In cafes and restaurants, homemade food is much cheaper than regular lunch and dinner.

12. Do not chase easy money
Easily making money does not happen, they always encounter difficulties. Therefore, you should not try to earn dubious ways, seen in advertising or on the Internet. Better focus on work and career.

Setting up a goal must be your first target. You should set the goals and ask yourself how much money should I have saved by 25 . Start saving at an early age is important for a financial free life in old age. Your goal of accumulating a certain amount of money should motivate you.