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Import Outlook Calendar into Google Calendar

por Lorene Crabtree (2020-03-19)

Few years back, Microsoft stops the Outlook Calendar Sync utility. Although, users can still add their Calendar items such as Appointments, Events, Meetings of Outlook to Gmail account. Therefore, we will explain how to sync and 바카라 see Outlook calendar into Google Calendar in this technical guide.

There are many people who want to keep MS Outlook and Google Events together. But there is no easy approach to perform the same. That is why you are reading this article and looking at the answer to your query.

Fortunately! We have effective workarounds that help you to add MS Outlook Calendar into Google Calendar. Without wasting any single minute, let's begin!!

Import Calendar From Outlook to Gmail Via. PST File - Full Guide
Many users only have Outlook data file i.e., PST (Personal Storage Table) and no Outlook installation in the system. In such a situation, the only solution that works is SysTools Outlook to G Suite Migration Software. An ideal solution to share or add Outlook Calendar Appointment & Meetings entries to desired Personal Google account. Besides this, it can migrate Email Messages, Attachments Contacts, Contacts Group from multiple .pst files to Gmail or Google Apps account.

Even if the user wants only a few months email and calendar entries then, integrated Date Filter feature helps you a lot. You only need to mention a particular date and tool automatically export the Outlook calendar into Google Calendar. In addition, the software has attachment filter too for customized Outlook email attachment migration into Google Mail account. All-in-all, it is a perfect method to add Outlook data items, including calendars to any G Suite plan or free Google Mail account. And it can easily install on any Windows Operating System such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 and so on.

Let's see how this amazing tool Sync Outlook Calendars with Google Calendar
Step 1: Open the software and click on Add File to upload PST file. Else, you can opt for Add Folder to add multiple .pst files at once.

Step 2: After scanning the .pst file(s), add the G Suite or Gmail credentials and click on Login to validate the account.

Step 3: Opt for Date Filter if you want to import selected timeline data from Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar.

Step 4: To begin the process, click on Export button.

See Outlook Calendar into Google Calendar Via. Outlook Application
The above workaround is beneficial when you do not have Outlook installation in the system and wants to import calendar saved in PST file. However, this technique is for users who have Outlook in the system. But, this workaround takes time and become cumbersome when you want to import multiple calendar entries. In case, if you have one or two calendar files, then it is very much beneficial.

Steps to Share Calendar of Outlook into Google Calendar
Step 1: Start your Outlook 2019 / 2016 / 2013 application on the system.

Step 2: Select Open & Export from the File menu.

Step 3: The Calendar that you want to export, open on the Outlook pane.

Step 4: Afterward, click on File and opt for Save Calendar option.

Step 5: Under Save As window, input a name for calendar file.

Step 6: On the Same window, there is an option i.e., More Options... click on it.

Step 7: This action pops-up a different window that provides three more new options.

Date Range: As its name suggest, you can select a timeline and can export entries. It includes options like; Today, Tomorrow, Next 7 days, Next 30 days, Whole Calendar, Specify dates...

Detail: This option let you import details of calendar such as Full details, Availability Only, Limited details.

Advanced: This feature itself has two options; Include details of items marked private & Include attachments within calendar items.
Choose the options as per need.

Step 8: To save calendar in ICS, click on OK and then Save.

Step 9: Open the Google Calendar account.

Step 10: From the window, click on Gear icon. From its drop-down menu, opt for Settings.

Step 11: Time to opt for Import & export to add Outlook Calendar into Google Calendar.

Step 12: From Import window, click on Select file from your computer option.

Step 13: Select the .ics file that was imported from Outlook application.

Step 14: Once you have select the file, click on Import button.

Step 15: In a matter of minutes all the data gets exported in Google Calendar.

We developed solutions to resolve users problem related to data migration while switching Outlook to Gmail email client. For this, Outlook to Gmail Migration Tool is best to import all the Outlook data items to Google Mail / G Suite account