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What makes a friend into a good friend

por Amy Nesmith (2020-03-23)

Well, you see a good friend could be a friend that cares about you, they could be fun to be around, or both. A friend is someone who hangs out with you and they are someone to talk to. So in order to make a friend a good friend, you should hang out with them, go to fun places, care about them, pretty much you need to be a good friend in order to make your friend be a good friend and I hope I helped! :D

What makes a good friend-?
A good friend will never judge you, always be there for you, and help you with problems.

What do you do when a good friend makes you get into trouble and wont admit it?
You would obviously know that she/he isn't a very good friend

What makes a good friend into a friend?
If he or she starts taking you for granted. Or you don't effect them anymore.

What do you do if your crush tells one of your friends that your best friend is good looking?
ask your crushes friend to ask him what makes her look good

Is a friend that makes you do drug a good friend?
A person that makes you do drugs is not a friend, and should be reported to the police. Drugs can kill you, or make you an addict. Stay away from anyone who wants you do to drugs.

What makes a good friend good?
helpful and caring and being there for you when you suffer with things and be there for you when ever

What makes someone a true friend?
a true friend is honest, fun and unique. a good fried is a friend you can trust. he or she is also very supportive. atrue friend would sticks with you in bad and good times.

What makes friendship?
You and the way you behave, act and feel about your friend and the same way your friend feels for you. Good understanings with each other is good friendship

What makes so many erections?
probably good looking ladies my good friend :-D

What makes people with Aspergers feel safe?
Having a good friend who understands and accepts them. I was lucky to find that friend.

What do you call someone who makes people smile a lot?
A very good friend

Is there something that makes you think you look fine But you really dont?
A good friend.

What if you have a really good friend but everyone always makes fun of you and says your dating?
Don't listen to anyone and enjoy your life with your friend

What makes menchie's sweet friends smile?
he made them happy by being a good friend

What kinds of qualities does Odysseus have that make him a good friend?
The kind of qualities that Odysseus have that makes him a good friend is by telling his men the truth about everything and by listening to his men through the troubles that goes by.

Sample Testimonials to a friend?
When making a sample testimonial to a friend, you should list some of the friends successes. Also add some funny stories. Discuss what makes your friend such a good friend as well.

Friends are important but everyone has a different opinion of what makes a good friend?
Yes, each person has a different opinion of a friend. For someone it is a formality, for others it is their life.

What makes a good listener?
listen ansd be all ears and repeat what the friend or person says to you back

Your birthday is on a Wednesday but your friends wants to do something with you what do you do and also what makes a good friend?
i meant you have school on that wesnesday

What does it mean when a guy makes weird tongue faces at you?
It means he is goofy and thinks you're a good friend.

Is weed good for the body my friend says it's good but he smokes it?
Weed isn't good for the body, no matter if you smoke it or breathe it in. All it does is it stimulates your body and makes you 'feel' good.

Why is your friend so mean to you She hurts you and it makes you really sad cuz you feel like nobody cares?
This "friend" sounds really mean and isn't a very good friend, if i were you i'd forget about her and find some better friends, cause you don't deserve anyone who makes you feel like that.

How do you become good at making out?
Pratice makes perfect! try it on pillows, mirrors and maybe a trust worthy friend

If the guy smiles at you tells you his problems and makes a goof face to get you to smile could that be a sign that he likes you?
or wants to be a good friend

You are in love with a girl your best friend is going after?
A girl is never a good reason to lose a best friend. Best friends are honest with each other and communicate well so tell your friend how you feel about her and see what reaction you get from him. He may not be as interested in her as you think. However, if he makes it plain to you he is then back-off! Remember, you can always replace a girl, 카지노사이트 but not a good friend.

What color is a taco?
it is most likely to be the color of brown bark kind of colo. my friend rachel makes really good ones

Are festivals important to Sikhs?
A very good friend of mine is Sikh and she makes me amritsari parathe. She celebrates all festivals with love

How you get mutual friends on facebook?
If I am Jack's friend, and I am your friend, that makes me a mutual friend. That's all it is. A friend you have in common with someone else. Mutual friends are a good way of deciding whether to accept a friend request. If you have several mutual friends, but don't recognise the name, it can help narrow down where the person knows you from. :)

How do you become someones friend on kongregate?
Kongregate doesn't really have a good friend system. You can "add user as friend" which makes you appear as fan on their page and them as friend on yours. Then they fan you back and... Well it's confusing. Long story short just click "add as friend" on their profile. When they do the same to you then you'll be friends.

Your best friend likes your girlfriend what should you do?
Don't tell her! It'll make her uncomfortable, around both of you. Tell HIM that his attitude toward her makes YOU uncomfortable. If he really is a good friend, he'll back off.

What would you call a friend of mine who doesn't say anything about something that makes her mad but then months later brings it up and makes you feel bad?
not a very nice friend. if she carries on, ask her outright what is wrong, and talk about it. if she does it just to hurt you, i think it is time you made other good friends.

What type of friend that makes you hate someone?
a bad friend

What is the difference between a friend and a good friend?
a friend will go to dinner. a good friend will bury a body.

What is a good song to dance and sing to for your 5th grade talent show with your friend?
a great song will be pokerface by lady gaga, it makes you want to dance.

He always makes you happy so what does it mean?
it probably means he wants you to see him more eeitherr as a really good friend. depending on how he acts. like if he is flirting and trying to make you happy then hes trying to get with you. or if you have ben down lately and he notices it then it prob means he is trying to be a good friend

How do you stop your very good friend because he talks about your mom too much and makes you feel like you wanna kill him?
If you notice anything uncomfortable in a relationship, point it out. Talk to your friend about your discomfort, if he or she is understanding such attitude will change.

Is renee ash a good friend?
Renee ash is a good friend because she is kind,loving and supportive towards others so that's why she is a good friend or shall i say not just a good friend but she is a awesome friend.

What makes good friends?
There are certain qualities which should be there in a good friends 1 Loyality 2 Faith 3 love 4 nature of sacrifice 5 Understanding 6 compatibility 7 openess (transpiracy) allthough its rare to find all the above qualities in one person but for a good friend they are must hope you and your friend have these :)

What is the difference between a best friend a good friend or just a friend?
A best friend is some one you really like as JUST a friend, a good friend is an ok nice good friend and a friend is a normal person you sometimes play with and hang around.

Rent a homei have no credit nor does his friendMy boyfriend has good credit about 720 he makes 1600 a month his friend makes 800 amon I hv nojob the home is 650 a monPossible to being accepted?
You will be accepted to rent a home even though you do not have credit. This is because you have a boyfriend with a very good credit and who makes 1600 per month.

What to do when your best friend is datting the guy you like?
Explain to your friend the situation if she/he understands you know how good a friend they are, if they are a good friend be sure that they will take your feelings into consideration. xxx Explain to your friend the situation if she/he understands you know how good a friend they are, if they are a good friend be sure that they will take your feelings into consideration. xxx

How do you say good friend in hebrew?
a male good friend = khavehr tov (??? ???) a female good friend = khavehrah tovah (???? ????)

Why do me and my best friend fight ALL the time?
well if you didnt know at all that when oyu fight with your best friend it just makes your friendship stronger and then you will notice oh , i cant loose this friend she/he means the world to me ofcourse friends , family and couples fight but it makes love grow when you will feel and notice something was missing so just be strong and handle that fight in good ways :).

Is a good friend a person that sales you out?
no ,they are a good friend if they tell you why they did that and have a good reason for that.

How do you know if you have a really good friend?
Alright if they make you always in for a game that means there not a good friend or if a dob on you that means there not a good friend either.. you gotta like gossip stuff that means there a good friend .. You know you have a good friend if they are there for you when you are down, you can tell them anything and can give good advice back, and most importantly you...

What does it mean when your wife makes a new male friend and hides it from you?
she is up to no good a friend ship bulds over time she is attracted or she would not talk in the first place she is seeing if we took talkng to the next level can he take car of me

Who is cinna from the hungery game?
Cinna is the fashion stylist for Katniss in the books and movie he makes her look good in front of the capitol but he also becomes a close friend.

What are the advantages of co curricular activities?
It makes the fit of mind and it is also a good friend to keep the mind and body to fresh.It will indirectly increase the mind power.

What is friend worthy?
A good friend is worth more than gold. This means a good friend will always be there for you in good and in bad times.

When do you know you have a good friend?
A good friend knows your weakness and strengths, encourages you when you need help. A good friend does not say goodbye.

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