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Twitter Users Unhappy About New MD In China

por Sang Seiffert (2020-03-26)

2 months agoTwitter users do not seem to agree with Jack Dorsey's move towards China.

It is no secret that many social media networks including Twitter Incorporation have been banned in China since 2009. That did not stop the co-founder of the social media platform to hire a new managing director in the region to attract Chinese companies advertise themselves globally via the micro blogging site. This caught attention of many users who are now concerned about this move.

The social media network regardless of being banned in China has 10,000 active users, who strongly believe in freedom of speech on the Internet. China has been controlling the Internet strictly and has not only banned Twitter over the past few years but even YouTube, which has brought many loyal users to use the social media platform as their hub for sharing their common beliefs and thoughts. After the news on Thursday of the new addition in China as the MD, users of the region showed great interest.

Kathy Chen tweeted which caught attention of many users that said, "Let's work together to tell great China story to the world." A person replied to the saying that 'the GREAT China story' would be to unblock Twitter Inc. completely. Many even call it a desperate move by the company in the hope of attaining more profit which has alarmed the users in China.

People might not be so optimistic about this development mainly due to their own concerns but the facts are the Kathy Chen has worked at gigantic companies in the past such as Cisco Systems and Microsoft, which shows she has enough experience to know what she will be doing. Social media advertising is becoming widely common because it is cheaper in comparison to electronic media and even manages to capture an audience at a global scale. This is what generates good profit for 온라인슬롯 the micro blogging site, which is why it has hired an MD to capture the market of China, which is huge.

Many users of China were not happy that Kathy used the story of greater China in her tweet and one person even said that Taiwan is not interested in the story of CCP's great story. It might be time for China to unblock Twitter but that might not happen unlucky for these users. The social media platform should be concerned about these concerned users, as it cannot afford to lose any at this point when its user base does not seem to grow since years now, it should really try to retain users.

This article is written by Mark J Guillen for more information about Twitter Users Unhappy MD In China