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Twitter Stock Sees an All-Time Low

por Dian Ong (2020-04-01)

Ever since Jack Dorsey came into power at Twitter, Inc. investors and analysts at Wall Street have not been loving it. It has been more than 10 years since Dorsey has been working on and 온라인슬롯 thinking about the micro-blogging website. He was officially appointed at the CEO again over three months ago; earlier last week the Twitter stock hit an all-time low before $20 per share.

After being appointed the CEO, Dorsey cut down 8% of his workforce; 300 employees were let go during that time. The reason, he explained for this was that the teams were too clustered due to which they were not focused the way he wanted them to be. He stated that the management believed that the engineers working at Twitter would move much faster if they were put in smaller and nimbler teams. Since then he has not made any important hires in the company except for Jessica Verrilli, who joined in right after Dorsey came back. However more important executives departed from their positions during the time including the Head of Design and Head of Consumer Video. At this point, they are still looking for a Head of Communication, head of corporate development, a Design Boss and A chief marketing executive.

The most important thing brought to Twitter since Jack has been Moments; the work on this product had started way before he came into power. On the other hand, he is also working on increase the character limit to over 10,000 characters per profile inside of its 140 character limit tweet. The Chief operating officer, Adam Bain told Re/Code that this change was brought in by the CEO.

The stock market has been in the slumps but Twitter stock has managed to be in a worse position. Ever since the CEO was appointed the stock has fallen by 24% and last Friday it fell below $20 per share, for the first time. During that time, the S&P 500 index was only down by 1.5% while the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down by 1%.

Subsequently, it is expected that if the social media network manages to report better earnings results early in February, the stock could rebound. The CEO has never had good term with Wall Street and during the first earnings call he had told them that it would require a lot of patience to see the social media website turnaround but he was confident that it will. At this point, it is too soon to say that the investors and the company will see better days in 2016.

Currently Twitter stock is trading for $19.62 with a decline of 0.13%. The earnings per share are -0.86 and the market capitalization is at $13.42 billion.

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