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How To Make A Friend A Girlfriend - How To Escape From Your Friendship Zone

por Palma Keener (2020-04-04)

There are a number of men whose concern is how to make a friend a girlfriend. They start a casual, yet trust-filled relationship with a girl; then wake up one day realizing they already fell in love with their female best friend. Indeed, these moments are inevitable because friends spend a lot of time together and get used to each other's company. Nonetheless, when you finally realized you love her, things somehow become confusing for you. You want to escape the friend zone; yet, you feel afraid that confessing to her may only spoil your friendship.

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Consider what she might be feeling. Analyze your friend's feelings carefully. This will also allow you to pinpoint any signs or indications that she might be interested in changing the platonic relationship into a romantic one. Look for any sign that she is flirting or affectionate to you.

Think rationally. You may be in love with her, but it is possible that she does not feel the same way toward you. If this is the case, you probably cannot do anything, but to accept her decision. Move on from there or M카지노 just accept the platonic friendship she can offer. Nonetheless, you should not give up just because she now considers you just a friend. You can work to gradually and subtly help change the way she considers you.

Show Her Your Romantic Side

First step is to tend to your physical appearance. Work on looking your best. If you do not really care how you look when you are around her before, she will take this as a sign that you are trying to impress her. Looking good will also help increase your self-confidence.

Be more playful when you are with her. Joke around and make her laugh more often. Glance suggestively at her and then laugh at her when she gives you a serious look.

Consider More Physical Contact

You two are probably affectionate to one another already. Yet, you can still make that better by considering being more flirtatious with her without going over the boundaries. Touch her more often; for a minimum of three times whenever you meet. Be sure that you will not touch her longer than three seconds. This will be enough to make your touch register in her mind subconsciously. Be sure also that you will touch her on areas where you think she will be comfortable. Once you think that she is already comfortable with frequent touches, level up by giving her a peck on the cheek or hugging her.

Cook For Her

The way to man's heart is through his stomach. The same can also apply when you are trying to make her feelings for you change in a positive way. Cook foods you know are her favorite. If possible, you may also set up a candlelight dinner for her. If she knows how to cook, and you don't; use it as a chance to ask her to teach you. If you both do not know how to cook, invite her to join you in a cooking class. Another option is to share foods together. Dine out together to increase your closeness.

Friend To Girlfriend Secrets will help you escape that friendship zone and start a romantic relationship with her. Friends Into Lovers is also a plan on how your friend can become your lover.