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How do you get Internet for dsi

por Madie Lack (2020-04-10)

10 months agoYou need a wireless internet router near you to get the internet.

How to get the Internet on a DSi?
I dont really get what your saying. But if your saying how to get internet for the dsi. Go to dsi shop > dsi ware > free > DSi internet

Does the dsi have free internet?
No, because the dsi connects to your wireless internet.if you do not have wireless internet the dsi can't have internet

Does it cost money to get internet on the DSi?
No,it doesn't cost money to get internet into a DSi. The internet already comes on the DSi.

How to get internet on Nintendo dsi?
how do get internet on Nintendo dsi

Does Nintendo DSi have internet no?
The DSi can download a free browser from the DSi Store, with which it can browse the internet.

How do you connect to the dsi Internet?
Download the internet from the dsi shop :)

Will the new DSi have internet on on it?
I have a dsi and it comes with internet you do not have to download it. For those who do not no wat dsi means it means DS INTERNET. so if you say no how can you tell me i amm the one with the dsi HELLO

Does it cost money to get internet on your DSi?
No,Internet is free.No $ or DSi points

You cant connect your dsi to the internet?
Yes the dsi has internet connection

Can you search the Internet with the DSI?
Yes, you can search the internet on the DSi. You can only go on the the internet if you have internet at home. You need to have a connection

Can you play internet games on the dsi?
no the browser on dsi is worthless unless you are looking at pictures on the internet but games or videos forget about playing internet games on dsi

Can dsi go on internet?
YES. With the Nintendo dsi browser the you can get for free from the dsi shop. NOTE: you need wireless internet access to go onto the dsi browser and the dsi shop.

Can you go on the internet with a dsi?
YES you can get internet on the Nintendo DSI, but you have to download it, it is free though! The internet is really good on the Nintendo DSI!no you cant i have it and you have to have wi-fi connection

How do you go on the internet on dsi?
you go to system settings, and go to internet, or, you can download the Nintendo dsi browser from the dsi store for free.

How do you get Internet on DSI without wireless Internet?
you can't DSi is ONLY wifi enabled.

Does the DSi have internet explorer?
Ummmm.... the dsi does too have an internet! i just got it last week and it has internet, camera, and you can play many cool hames! it costs $188.00 pretty expensive and yeah.... the dsi does have an internet!!!! :)

How do you get on the internet on nitindo ds?
Wait a sec, do you mean the DS or the DSi? You can't use the internet on the DS, Einstein!! On the DSi you need WiFi then tap on the internet on the home screen of the DSi.

How do you get Internet on your dsi?
First of all, you need a Wi-Fi connection, then go to the DSi Shop on your DSi, go to the FREE DSi Ware, then download the Internet/Web Browser Application.

What does the internet look like on the dsi?
it is not very good you onley get about 3 inches of your computer screen at a time if your buying the dsi for internet dont get a dsi the best internet is on ipod touch or iphone

How can you put internet browser in your dsi because it erased from your main menu?
if you have the internet on your dsi you can go to dsi shop and then go to start shopping then go to dsi ware and go to free and your going to see dsi browser

Can you get a Nintendo DSi without an internet connection?
The Nintendo DSi always has an internet connection, but parental controls can be set to restrict internet use.

How do you use the SD card for the internet on a dsi?
wThe SD ard has nothing to do with the internet on the DSi. You need to go to the DSi ware shop and get it, for free off of there.

Can you get free dsi points?
Yes you can when you get Internet on your DSi go to the store on your DSi and you get 1000 DSi points for free.

What do you need to get the Internet on your DSI?
wireless internet

How do you get Internet on a dsi?
If you mean wifi, you need a router. If you mean Internet browser, you can download one at the dsi shop

How do you download internet on your dsi?
You go to the Nintendo DSi shop and you can download the Nintendo DSi browser from there.

Can you surf the internet on a DSi?
yes, you can. go to "nintendo dsi browser" on the dsi title screen

How to get Internet on dsi?
You must download the Dsi browser from the Dsi ware shop, Via Wifi. The browser is free of charge! =D But you will have to stay in range of your Internet access point!

Does a Nintendo DSi have FREE internet?
yes because if you go to youtube and type how to install internet to a dsi its free but u need internet connection around you.

Can you use the nintendo dsi shop without internet?
No, the Nintendo DSi shop is an online shop that requires connection to the internet.

When your done screwing out the nails on the dsi what do you do with the battery to get on the internet?
The DSi is internet enabled already, no messing around with the battery is needed.

Does the dsi come with the internet?
yes and no. You download it for free at the DSi shop.

How can you put internet on your dsi?
The Nintendo DSi has a built-in web browser.

How do you get internet for free on the dsi XL?
download it off of DSi ware

Where do you get the web browser on Nintendo dsi?
The DSi Internet Browser can be downloaded for free from the Nintendo DSi shop.

Can you go on the internet for a DSI?
Im not really sure what you are asking but i think your saying that if you can buy the dsi online and yes you can. you also may be asking if the dsi can go on the internet and yes you can again.

USA dsi internet works in Europe?
I have just bought an American dsi and it does work in the UK on the internet. I also got 1000 free dsi points to spend which was a nice bonus.

Do you have to pay to connect the Nintendo DSi to the internet?
You do not have to pay any money, above and beyond whatever you pay for your wireless internet connection, or any DSi points for use in the DSi store.

On a Nintendo dsi can you play with dsi ware games when you ant connected to the internet?
The DSiware games are downloaded to your DSi and appear on its menu. You do not need to be connected to the internet to play those games.

How do you get Internet on dsi?
you go to dsi shop and go to free and 바카라사이트 download Nintendo dsi browser you need to download the browser from the dsi shop

Can you get on the internet with a ds?
No, but you can with a DSi.

How do you use the internet on the dsi?
download the free web browser from the DSi channel.

Can you get internet from a hotspot in your dsi?
Yes, you can connect to a wi-fi hotspot with your DSi.

How do you get the internet browser in the DSi?
You download it directly from the DSi, then access it from your home screen.

Can you get internet on ds and dsi?
dsi yes ds lite no the first ds no

Can you play facebook on DS?
You can do it on the DSi and DSi XL. If you have internet you can. Use the browser.

How do you download pictures from you dsi internet to your dsi system?
you cant do it not in less you have a 3ds

Why won't my Dsi connect to the Dsi Shop?
You probably are not connected to the internet. you need to be connected to the internet to access the shop. If you don't know how to connect, go into setting and click internet.

Why did they make internet for the dsi?
Actually, they also had internet for the DS as well. It's just that the DS could only run on internet connections using WEP security. Now with the DSi, it can run on all internet types. Just go to advanced settings. If you're talking about the DSi browser, they just made it so people could surf the web on their DSi.

How do you use the internet on your DSi?
select internet browser on the menu

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